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To choose the right jungle tour is easier said than done

As a starting conclusion: almost all people can do a tour in the jungle as long as you understand your own level of fitness, capabilities and most importantly limitations! What is most important is how to choose the right kind of jungle tour. The question that needs to be clarified is what you want to achieve? A visit in the jungle can be done in many ways and varieties which mean you need to pick the tour that fits you. Especially in means of transportation, there is a very significant difference in trekking tours and as an example a boat tour. After this comes your level of participation in life in the camp – maybe you simply want to be brought back to a lodge and sleep in a real bed every night.

How to choose the right jungle tour – low participation

At one end of the spectra you will find the hard physical tours such as survival toursexpedition tours and trekking tours. All of these demand a certain level of fitness which again will vary due to terrain such as mountains or seasonal changes like rainy seasons. If you are not looking for physical challenges you should not consider these tours since there is a lot of alternatives. We will get back to these!

Relaxing between activities under Bushmasters UK survival course

Firstly, the soft tours where you by river every day/night travel out in a boat combined with walking. These tours are absolutely brilliant if you for sure know that you want to get back to the camp to sleep in a bed or you alone are coming to an area to see/experience a niche. This could be bird watching, fishing or simply just get a taste of the flora and fauna of the eco system.

How to choose the right jungle tour – medium participation

In the middle of the scale is mixed tours where you stay in prebuild camps, partly in expedition camps. The physical level demanded would be mediocre and the contact with the environment can be described as more near and intense. Typically you would have guides who will do most of the stuff for you and you will have good time to enjoy all the activities, get good rest and eat solid meals. The jungle can be surprisingly comfortable when you are visiting it in the right season and with professional people who know how to take good care of you. These tours are good for photographic experiences where you as an example sail out by boat and spent a whole lot of time walking/sailing day and night to get close up on some of the variety of species living here.

Camp site used under Bushmasters UK survival courses first days

How to choose the right jungle tour – High participation

On the far other end of the scale there are survival and expeditions tours. These tours are made with the objective of research, exploring or educating people about the environment. The actual physical level demanded can vary great but if you are walking overland with own load, you can expect a challenging and great physical experience.

Most of the tours demand a high level of participation in the everyday life and you personally have to make sure that your own camp is being prepared and set up. What we at Untamed Adventures do is to teach people through the experience all the skills needed for them to be independent. Education is a vital part in understanding the environment and it makes great and fun activities with a whole lot of firsthand experience. Some survival tours will even end with an isolation phase, where you with a very basic and limited amount of equipment have to survive on your own in the jungle for an amount of days. This includes building your own shelter, fishing, making fire, trapping and in general enduring being alone and on your own until rescue.

Stopping to collect water under a jungle tour with Kumu village

If you can’t decide what you want, then have an honest talk with a tour operator, and tell them that you would like a bit of everything. This could as an example be days staying at a lodge, while you use 2-3 days being on a tour and set up camp to sleep in your hammock. The jungle can be done in so many ways that it should be possible to meet all expectations of comfort, experiences and physical levels. The most important thing is just to clarify what you want and make a good solid research before picking the tour you are going to do.

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