Guyana is South America’s Best Kept Secret… Here’s Why

When we mentioned to friends and family that we were headed to Guyana, we received lots of blank stares. Some people outright asked where in the world it was, while others assumed we were going to Africa (lol).

Part of the reaction was probably our fault – we alternated between pronouncing it “GUY-ana” (as you’re supposed to) and “GEE-ana” (as in French Guiana).

It’s true Guyana doesn’t have a reputation as a hot travel destination, but what we discovered is how nice that was!

Guyana was the first place we’d been to that had beautiful natural scenery, jaw dropping wildlife… and no crowds. It’s so far off the beaten path that our company consisted mostly of howler monkeys and blue heron birds for the week.

While today Guyana is one of the world’s last remaining remote places, it won’t be for long. 

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