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This Is The Rupununi

The Rupununi is a mesmerizing and beautiful place. Varying landscapes sculpt the beauty that she is: savannah, forest, wetlands, rivers and creeks. The abundance of flora and fauna can be found throughout this land, including the giants of El Dorado: jaguar, anteater, green anaconda, river turtle, harpy eagle, armadillo, arapaima, river otter and Amazon water lily. If you come for the adventure, the warmth, hospitality and culture of three groups of Indigenous peoples are bound to captivate you. These are a few reasons why he region is a ‘must see’ travel destination and should be included on everyone’s ‘bucket list’.

The Region

The Rupununi region encompasses 5000 square miles of virtually untouched grasslands, swamplands, and rain-forested mountains. This majestic area is uniquely bounded by the Pakaraima, Kanuku and Iwokrama mountains. It is considered one of the most biologically diverse regions of Guyana and South America, and is home to a large number of species found in Guyana, some of which are endemic to the Guiana Shield. The region is divided in its center by the majestic Kanuku Mountains, which separates the North from the South and forms part of a nation-wide protected area system.


The Rupununi region hosts a pristine ecosystem which embodies an array of flora and fauna. This system has remained intact due largely to its isolation. However, with increasing pressures from mining, timber extraction, hunting and wildlife trade and land use; conservation efforts have become very important. These efforts have been led with the aim of conserving resources for future use through the partnership with local communities. The projects have been instrumental in bringing protection to threatened species, ensuring sustainable use of resources and improving knowledge of the environment.

Follow the work of the organisations who are involved in conservation in the region:

The Rupununi is more than a breath-taking landscape. It is a sense of freedom: exploring a lost world removed from the heavy technological demands of our lives. It is the ability to experience a way of life which often pays little attention to rigid schedules rather thrives on spontaneity or in Guyanese terms, ”going with the flow”.

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