Rupununi Trails is a tour operator based at Dadanawa Ranch in the South Rupununi region of Guyana. For over forty years, we have been the tour operator of choice for explorations of the South Rupununi and Upper Essequibo wilderness for

Rupununi Adventures is centrally-located in the Rupununi. We collaborate with Amerindian community tour operators, matching their tours with your interests to offer you the unspoilt beauty, culture and rich biodiversity of the Guyanese hinterland. Address: Block 'A' Airport Road Lethem,

We provide accommodation, meals and transportation services. We also offer local tour packages as well as to Brazilian tourists destinations. Address: 51-53 Commercial Zone, Lethem. Central Rupununi. Region 9. Guyana Main Phone: +592 668 5622 WhatsApp: +592 600 7638 Email:

Piraiba (Lau Lau) Lodge, is situated on the Eastern Bank of the Essequibo River, approximately 20 miles, south of Iwokrama River Lodge, deep into the Jungles of Guyana. The lodge has been named after the largest freshwater cat fish species

Escape to a world of ease at our secluded Lodge in the indigenous village of St. Ignatius. Enjoy this adventure and experience the culture. We offer lodging and leisure time activities, there is also a restaurant and pool's bar for

Li Logistics provide transportation services and Logistics in and around the Rupununi and Guyana. In addition to that, we also provide Tour guiding, camping trips and river trips. Our trips can also be customized to suit the customer's need ,

A breathtaking eco village in Rupununi Guyana with unique landscapes, including the Kanuku Mountains, wildlife and unforgettable outdoor adventures Address: Kumu Village, Central Rupununi Main Phone: +592-678-6921 WhatsApp: +592-678-6921 Email: Website: Facebook : Kumu Village Instagram : YouTube :

Amazonas Hotel, Restaurant and Bar, located at 22 Barrack Retreat, Lethem, offers relaxation, comfort, guidance and services to suit your every need. Address: Lot 122 Barrack Retreat, Lethem Main Phone: +772-2324 or 772-2325 WhatsApp: +592-678-8020 Email:  Website: Facebook :

Guyana Truly Wild specializes in tailor made river and camping expeditions into the heart of Guyana’s wilderness for small groups of adventurous clients. Please check out our website for more information! Address: Yupukari Village, Central Rupununi Main Phone: +592-653-8505 WhatsApp:

Guyana Truly Wild offers camping and river trip expeditions along many of the main rivers in Region 9, for birder, photographers, researchers, film crews, etc. We specialize in wilderness trip, fishing trips, wildlife guiding and bird guiding. We also provide

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